This is where I will be sharing the creative adventures of myself, Mr and (9 year old) Master M, and our family and friends. Hopefully you'll find artistic inspiration and ideas and I have a feeling there may be the occasional mention of cake.

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  1. legoheart

    It was the first day of Master M’s half term holiday on Friday and and what a Lego filled day it was! Lego seems to be the wind down and relax toy of choice for so many children and I can quite see why. With a little imagination and ingenuity these components can take on the form of anything that a child could care to dream. I’m sure that given half a chance many adults would also be happy to indulge and get creative with a box of Lego bricks.

    Well, on Friday I did just that but not in reality, on this occasion, because we were using virtual Lego bricks to build our creations. If you have children who want to play on the computer a little more than you’d like then maybe Lego Digital Designer is the compromise that will satisfy parents and children alike. This excellent virtual building software  can be downloaded free from the lego website for Windows PC and Mac OSX. 

  2. As keen fans of CBBC's natural history children's programme, Deadly 60, there was much excitement in our house just recently when we were lucky enough to be allocated tickets for the Live ‘n’ Deadly roadshow on it's visit to our area. 

    We arrived full of anticipation and it was clear that A LOT of other people were also the proud holders of tickets for the day! Despite the queues, the crowds of people didn’t spoil our enjoyment and we saw some amazing creatures including Norman the Rat who has his own Facebook page. We got to see Naomi Wilkinson displaying the prowess of birds of prey and had front row spaces for an inspiring show with Steve Backshall conveying so much enthusiasm for wildlife of the deadly variety. 

    As well as coming away with memories and photographs we were also given a fantastic activity book complete with a signed photograph (the boys were very impressed with Steve’s autograph which sports a cartoon snake masquerading as an ‘S’).


  3. October is a busy time for wedding anniversaries in our family, with mine and my sister’s falling 3 days apart. On our anniversary I got to thinking about the wedding stationery I designed and made which took Gustav Klimt’s famous painting ‘The Kiss’ as its inspiration.

    Master M had never seen our wedding invitations or any of Klimt’s work so I was intrigued to discover what his creative response would be to this beautiful painting that had inspired me eleven years ago. 

    We began by looking closing at a copy of the painting which I had printed out from the internet.


    The Kiss